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All US IPOs recently have been day one, chill.

Apparently this is a direct listing though so might be different.

My seven year old son is demanding I purchase stocks for him when this goes live. Say no more.

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That sounds like financial advice. :kick_scooter:
Does he have any other tips?

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Well, he told me to buy 2 Brewdog shares back in the day when it was equity for punks IV - he liked the dog (and I liked the beer). He never listens to me, so I’ll listen to him! :joy:

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Brewdog always raises for the same valuation though as far as I know?! So you wouldn’t have made any paper gains anyway :grinning:

Since this is now a direct listing, will it be available on the first day of its direct listing? @Freetrade_Team

It will be. Looking at Bumble that went live on secondary market about 5.50pm so probably similar.


Roblox is listed under the upcoming ipos page: Upcoming IPOs - Latest IPO calendar 2022

It seems to be going down the direct listing path instead of an ipo, this seems to be on the 10th of March - Roblox Shares to Begin Trading March 10 - WSJ

Will this stock be listed on the 10th of March in Freetrade? and if so, will this stock be a premium plus only?

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IPOs are not plus as standard so I’d guess not seeing as its similar.

Hopefully direct listing might mean we don’t have to wait for secondary market so it should be on quicker? Might be a fairer opening price :grin:. @Freetrade_Team

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Is there any news regarding whether or not Roblox will be listed on Freetrade on the 10th of March?


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@Freetrade_Team Is there any updates on whether this stock will be added to the Freetrade app on the day of its direct listing on the 10th of March?

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Hi everyone

First of all, welcome @theewozza @Rajpal @Germaphobe @Kongolei @Ewaf @Benburn97 to the forum :wave:

We are in touch with our US execution partner about the stock, and we expect to be able to add RBLX as soon as it’s available on the secondary market.

Will keep you updated on this thread.

Here is an interesting blog if anyone hasn’t seen them yet:


This stock is on my radar for a long term hold and I am definitely buying it. If FT doesn’t add it on the first day I will have to stop my premium and transfer out my ISA as I cannot lose this opportunity.
Please FT I really want to stick with you for next year ISA, do your best and add this stock. It hasn’t been the best time lately with your service, I must say.

Hi @An2dre, as I mentioned above, we are getting prepped and plan to add this the moment the stock hits the secondary market, as we do with all big IPOs!

This is a process we have worked hard to shave off every second and enable us to be as fast as possible to hit the ‘live’ button. I like to think about it a bit like an Olympic sprinter training, or a pit stop on a Formula 1 race. Except maybe not quite as fast.

My sincere apologies for any other issues you’ve had recently, we have been working to resolve these and resume our usual standard of service.


Feels good to blackmail a £500m company and get a response. I tried telling the man at Currys that I’d buy my ps5 somewhere else but he didn’t care.


We aim to please…


The patience of the FT team is unrivalled.

I’d certainly have a less polite response to someone threatening to take their business elsewhere, but I guess that’s why I don’t work in a customer facing role :joy:


Will we be notified on March 10th when this stock comes to the app? or is it something we will need to keep checking throughout the day?

A typical recent IPO goes like this in my experience.

2.30 Market opens and the app says no price available
4.00 you see a news story saying ‘Roblox surges to twice it’s IPO on debut’
5.00 Posters on the forum start moaning and blaming FT, rich people and hedge fund trickery
4.30-6.00ish It opens to secondary market and surges as we all pile in like a tube train at rush hour
At this point use limit orders or you could pay any amount or get rejected
About 5 minutes later: FT post it on twitter
About 5 minutes later: in-app notification

So if you care about the 10 minutes then just watch the forum, otherwise it will probably dip after that anyway.