Roche Holding AG

Stock Request - Roche Holding AG
Shares seem to be doing quite well lately, I would imagine that the share price will go up, particularly with the Coronavirus at the minute. However, I am a novice at this investing game.:roll_eyes:

Hopefully they’ll add Swiss markets (where I think Roche is listed) soon after US.

Can’t believe this one doesn’t have more votes…

Bumping, also would like this added

Please add Roche to the platform

I can’t believe I am writing this…: how are Roche not available to buy!?

Roche Holding AG ( RO) SWX

You’re requesting a swiss stock

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Definitely interested in this one

Please could this be added, it’s been requested quite a few times. I appreciate it’s on the Swiss stock market but I would like access for my isa and it’s been more than 6months. Thanks

Without building the feature to connect to the relevant exchange, freetrade can’t offer it. I wouldn’t expect them to work on supporting this exchange for quite a while :smiley:

@SebReitz thanks for the prompt reply. I should have made it clear this stock request is for Roche stock available via LSE ticket number 0QOK and 0QQ6 so would be great if someone could take a look as I’ve been waiting for a long time and there are a lot of requests :blush:

Here is the other link. Perhaps someone at FT could review the title to this request as I can’t edit it and we can make it clear it’s a request for a stock available via LSE so it’s pushed through? Thank you

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