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Anything on The Motley Fool can be written off as absolute junk. I’d rather take investing advice from my cat.


I always run it by my cat before i make a trade


Maybe i should have edited that pic and taken the toilet out but nevermind we are all human. Except for the cat, he’s a cat.


This cat is not subtle with his tips, ok I’m all in on Shell :shell:.


:joy: Did you read back a bit on this page? It’s his own Fool articles that he’s posting. To be fair they seem much better written and less flip floppy than other Fool articles but I still agree with you.

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Think the pricing on RR has gone haywire. If not im currently up by 204% :champagne::clinking_glasses::blush:


Just seen this. What the hell. Sell. Sell. Sell :wink:

In all seriousness. There’s got to be an issue. What happens if you sold?

Ughh have a 1000 shares and saw this today, was like whaaat!! :slight_smile:

Glitch as i cant find any news?

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Will drop back down to it’s actual price tomorrow when market opens. Happened to me on £HMWO a month or so ago, stuck with an almighty blip on my graph now (2000%).


That was very exciting while it lasted!

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I think where there would be a mismatch between the in app pricing and the CREST records the sale wouldn’t go through.

I have shares in the ETF £HMWO and I also had a glitch of this kind when Orca was running.

I attempted to sell and every time the sell button was pressed the order would auto reject.

In short I think the system can recognise some sort of mismatch when you attempt to sell when this sort of error is present.

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Unfortunately, i sold mine. Thinking i was 156% up

And i received less than my initial investment. Surely this has to be recognised as a fault on free trade side

Did anyone try to sell. I sold mine 160% up and it gave me less than i actually invested . Wtf

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Hi all, sorry for the delay.

We have now resolved the issue with our pricing provider on this stock, although it’s still affecting the 1M and 7D charts.

Our apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Hi sam. Can my sale be resolved

Hi @Wes, if you contact us at we can investigate.

What’s caused the jump today?

Is it just a jump across the FTSE? Most of my uk stock has jumped today

I don’t know, but the new boss’s name sounds like Turbofan, so that must be a good thing.


Rolls-Royce soars as Jefferies upgrades to buy with a 125p price target


Nice start to the new year for rolls stock. Well. Most of the UK market has had a good start to the new year. It feels odd seeing stocks go up for a change. Long May it continue