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Can we have this one please?

On our radar, we’re checking it out along with some others now.

Thanks Sam.
This is another one that I feel will become hyped and might double short term.

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Starting the climb

Literally loosing money now.

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Why is Freetrade so slow with these SPACs vs 212? It’s getting so frustrating now

Making SPACs PLUS only and getting it on the platform in a timely fashion would be a decent PLUS proposition by the way. So people are not pushed into competitors arms simply because they can’t buy what they want to buy.

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this could tilt the balance for a decent amount of customers

Is it the main reason I do not use Freetrade as my main platform, by the time they are added then most of the value has gone.

Tilt the balance how?

Tilt it in a way that customers considering to sign up to plus will probably sign up

any reason as to why requests take so long ? would love for this to be added like yesterday :laughing:

212 just ask IB to add it, freetrade have to run around and do all the background stuff, then pick a logo and a witty description. These things take time.


Its @ $20 already. Nice.

Pls add! $RMO big promise :fire::fire::fire:

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Tells us a little bit about them

They design and manufacture lithium-ion battery modules for commercial vehicles. Founded in 2016 headquartered in CA.


There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding Romeo Power at the moment. Shares are currently below $10.

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Original 2021 revenue forecast at merger time was $140m.
Fast forward to March this year and the number was $18-40m.
Reality check.


Wow big drop

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