Sanne Group plc SNN

Sanne Group provide services in corporate, trust and fund administration outsourcing to the financial markets. This firm serve over 1750 clients worldwide.

With eyes on a takeover from Cinven Ltd, rejected by Sanne Group including one worth 830 a pop this looks like a potential big riser and so I have just invested. Take over is still on the cards and Cinven might up the stakes where it becomes too good a deal not to do it… And by rejecting the take overs now Sanne Group feel they still have plenty of room to grow on their own which is a good sign too. So for me right now whether they remain as they are or get taken over I am looking at a decent profit from this one. DYOR.

Pleased to see a 12% rise today on this one after Cinven added a few £££ to the deal offer.