Series B announcement MEGATHREAD

That’s not how negotiation works when you go cap in hand. You submit an application. It’s considered and you get a response. Adam made a point back in October of getting the number of users very loudly on forum and we all got excited. That’s probably it. I expect some draft accounts to September and a few metrics in October and November would be most likely. Then tendered for application December and January and decision made as Adam said after Xmas.

I can’t see anything later than 31 December remotely being factored in.

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Cap in hand? One of the best start fintech players in Europe…
Submit an application? Its not a mortgage application when things are statics…

The risk to invest in FT now is much lower than 6/8 month ago (Robinhood is now out of the picture) and the valuation should reflect this


Perhaps this is true for earlier stage VC but I certainly hope “cap in hand” is not the position Freetrade finds itself in.


Fully agree. As you mentioned before, I am interested to see what the next Crowdfunding raise in April/May will be priced at (which will factor in the last few months)

Sorry folks, we’d be bust without VC’s. We are loss making and trying to expand. We need them far more than they need us. It is cap in hand and in these economic times very much like a mortgage application. You show 'em what you’ve got and they decide how much you get. You pick which one you like (ideally the one who values you most!).


Top Tier VC (Accel, Balderton Index. …) can demand a discount in the valuation but with all due respect Left Lane is not in that category so FT should maximise its power in the negotiation

I also find a little bit strange the company announce the round but do not communicate to its shareholders (that they invested £20m so far in the company) the share price…


Don’t be too sure. I’m on the buy side, and I can tell you the need to deploy capital into investable, sustainable businesses is real, even in a choppy (haha!) economic environment. The fact this round was oversubscribed, notwithstanding the ownership threshold question, supports this.


I hope you don’t do negotiations in your job.


It’s going to be in the CC email this week. Yes it would be nice to know now but it’s not going to change anything waiting 3 days max…

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They have said CC are going to email about selling your shares. So the price should be out on a few days anyway

Don’t think they are hiding anything or anything is “strange”

It’s still confidential so only Draper and Class A shareholders know the details (those who have to sign off an updated Shareholders Resolution).

You won’t have long to wait, Freetrade will want the secondary offering completed ASAP :slightly_smiling_face:

you are right that we will know the price soon… but usually when a company complete a new round inform/email the shareholders with the details …before they make the press announcement…

I suppose that a lot of shareholders of FT are not users of the community so maybe they are not aware of the new event

But maybe in the era of social media, a Twitter account is a Must!

When I saw the news I did wonder whether Sky had been tipped off by a shareholder :joy:


The L Catterton connection was alluded to a few days ago so I expect the bucket has a small leak somewhere, always a risk when it’s a noteworthy deal.


Yep - especially when you have so many Class A shareholders from R1 & 2.

Still, no harm done I suppose!

Just a reminder that I’d like the share price to be £2000 so that I can stop working and take up goat herding as a hobby. Oh and also cover the fees that AJ Bell charge me on my LISA.

It looks like there’s a long way to go so if everyone could pull their fingers out, refer their friends, spread the good word, etc, thanks


Just an 800x increase?! Sell your Freetrade shares and buy GME, it’s on its way to £25k :grin:


Also in the ‘share price to 2k’ camp :wave:


:gorilla:Apes strong. :cow: Cows stronger. DIAMOND HOOVES. :gem: :gem:


Loving the diamond hooves :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Congratulations on the great news team. Unfortunately for the VC’s will not be selling for many decades to come.