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Is the price on freetrade a guide price? As I bought shares today at 9.86, but they were executed at 9.90! But the share price remained and finished day at 9.86,

It is the average of the market transactions rather than a price at which you can transact. Therefore, based upon availability of the shares and number of available buyers/sellers the price you actually buy/sell at will be around the price but not exactly at it.

Ok thanks, never has such a big difference before

Out of curiosity what was the share?

Monks trust
So if I wanted to sell, I would have to sell with a big raise to make sure I made a profit,

So, whatever anyone tells you there is a buy/sell spread inherent in share trading no matter who you use as a broker. This spread will normally be between 0.5% to 1% for the majority of shares. It will be less for the most highly traded shares (i.e. Apple). For Monks Trust your difference was roughly 0.5% which I would say is okay. Really you need to be up about 1% ish to ensure you make back all your money.

Looks like the graphs wrong on this one.

If this executed around 3:15pm it spiked up.

It may of been executed at that time,

Thanks for the help Henry

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If you click on the share on your activity page you’ll get the contract note. The execution time will be in the top right corner.

It says 3.19 pm

Maybe my purchase bumped the price up lol

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Here’s as close as I can get!

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That’s more or less spot on

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That’s the exact price on my contract note

Where is that graph from

Looks like the Freetrade graph is wrong then.

@Viktor - is this a known issue?


I just searched the ticker share price.

The freetrade graph lol

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Any info on how an instant purchase is almost 3% down immediately after buying? I haven’t followed previous examples, thank you.