Some stocks not available for ISA?

read in another thread about some stocks were avaiable for ISA and some werent.

is this the case? why would that be?

Yes, that is the case, for example $SIMO SiliconMotion isn’t available. The reasons for a share not being ISA eligible are down to each stock, a common one being not listed on a recognised exchange. Rules are set by the gov.

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Some of the stocks such as UK REITS can’t be added under ISA as FT are not operationally set up to do so.

BCPT & BBOX are also non isa

Yes the whole lot of UK REITs.

Why are Chinese stocks not allowed in ISA?

Government regulations

Holding foreign stocks in an ISA or SIPP – The International Investor.

It’s not a blanket ban … it’s stock specific

It’s also hard to maintain compliance as HMRC guidance is ever changing and stupidly complex.

FT do a pretty good job.

Other platforms , like T212, don’t and end up having to ‘correct’ your ISA holdings when they finally realise their error . Whoops!


thanks for all responses! cleared it up for me

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