SPAC ETF with huge prospects, I have used the forum but I wish to highlight because its portfolio consists of many companies with imminent growth potential.

If it’s already been requested and you’ve used the form, they know full well it’s wanted. This clutters up the forum and doesn’t really do anything. If “brute force”/repeated requests worked, people would request the same stock 100 times to ensure they got what they wanted. If it’s been requested and hasn’t been added yet, there’s a reason. Have some patience.

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+1 for this ETF

I love SPACs but lately it has become much harder to buy at a good price (i.e. near NAV), and not all of them are available on Freetrade.

SPCX is the first actively-managed Special Purpose Acquisitions Corporations (SPACs) ETF in the market. The fund seeks capital appreciation by holding a broad portfolio of SPACs or “blank check” companies and firms that have completed their initial public offering (IPO) within the last two years. This ETF started trading in Dec for $25 per share and is currently at $29.26.

May not be a long term hold once the SPAC rage is over, but could be a potential interesting way to diversify SPAC investments.

@Kitchlad Were you able to verify your statement on the companies they invested in? I could not find any information on which SPACs they have invested in to date…

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Yes I just googled spcx holdings and its the first google search result :slight_smile:

+1 for this


Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) are one of the most exciting & disruptive capital markets themes over the past several years. Along with an increase in the number of SPAC IPOs, larger deal sizes and high-profile sponsor teams are drawing investors to this once under-followed market. However, with little research and information available on publicly-traded SPACs, investors are often left wondering how they can efficiently access a market that has traditionally been dominated by institutional investors.

The solution? The SPAC and New Issue ETF (NYSE: SPCX), the first actively-managed SPAC ETF. SPCX gives investors exposure to a broad portfolio of SPACs with the familiar attributes of an exchange traded fund’s diversity, tax-efficiency and liquidity.

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I’ve had to move to interactive brokers for my SPACs now!

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I’ve also had to move to Saxo Markets for SPACs