Staking Revenue

Just a suggestion:

Once Crypto is launched, you should stake PoS cryptos like ETH, XTZ, ADA for an additional revenue stream. Using a third party staking solution like Coinbase, or someone legit.

And I think it’s completely reasonable for Freetrade to keep 100% of the staking rewards in this instance.



I’d just keep my crypto with any other company that allows me to keep my rewards?


Because those who are interested in staking, wouldn’t use Freetrade to hold crypto.

Your average Freetrade Crypto user probably doesn’t even want the hassle of their own wallet.

Can’t even tell if you are trolling, this has got to be the most bonkers post I have come across on here in a while.


It depends on how Freetrade price their Crypto offering.

I think there is a large section of the investing community who think they should be holding some crypto and part of a balanced portfolio but aren’t into the staking / forking / deeper elements of the coins.

If you could buy and sell for a fraction of the current competition and Freetrade funded this with staking revenue it would have a broad appeal.

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Bitcoin makes up 40 percent, which can’t be staked.

Freetrade pushing alt coins to profit from staking hardly seems like it ties in with their ethos?

Subsidising a cheap crypto offering with unreliable staking doesn’t seem like a good business plan to me.

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If you have a wallet/stake crypto already, why on earth would you use Freetrade for crypto?

You won’t even be able to take your crypto off the platform, it will be a basic buy/sell function and that’s it.

The users they will target don’t want to hold their keys, they just want exposure to an emerging asset class.

Not suggesting that at all.

What’s unreliable about staking ETH on coinbase?
And it doesn’t make a good business plan to ignore a viable revenue stream.

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It’s not clear to me that Freetrade will actually have custody of the tokens. Some sort of IOU system via Drivewealth or similar seems more likely

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It’s all about educating ourself, if you dont own your keys to your crypto its not your crypto. Very simple there are no if’s n but, period

If you invest in crypto or want to invest / trade hold them off exchanges (cold / hardware wallets).

Yeah I agree with you, but the reality is most Freetrade users wouldn’t care. They just want exposure without the hassle.