Status of stock requests?

Is there a thread for this (have searched) or can we have one

I know there is a request form and you can post threads on requested stocks, but after that, we are in the dark about what or when they might get added, so can we have a thread/form for the status of the
stocks that are being requested, please?

Anyone know if this is an actual thing? It just seems to be a free for all, someone makes a request, and then what? there’s no centralised place to check the status of requests?

For example, if someone requests Rolls Royce (RR), you would imagine this is then added to a database along with all the other requests, FT could then show its customers updates all in one place, something along the lines of:

Instrument-----------------------------Estimated arrival on FT-----------------------------Plus
Roll Royce (RR)-------------------------------2-3 weeks?------------------------------------n/a
Kanabo Group (KNB)-------------------------1-2 weeks?-----------------------------------n/a

Being proactive and giving your customers regular updates can allow them to plan according, whether its them wanting to transfer in from other brokers or money allocation…