Stock list - why don't you support big companies like Wizz air (3bn market cap)

Hi. I would like to join freetrade but the absence of big londonstockexchange companies is keeping me away. Why doesn’t Freetrade support Wizz air for example? Any chance Freetrade will add all larger caps I to the supported list?

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Hey, welcome to the forum, and thanks for asking.

We are working on adding stocks like Wizz Air, and other highly-requested companies like easyJet, IAG and Rolls Royce, and will add them in the near future.

They are a bit trickier to add from a technical point of view, due to something called nationality declaration.

Some more on this is below.

In the meantime, you can explore the 1,600 stocks and ETFs currently available on your Freetrade app on this link below (including many international travel companies like major US, Chinese and Latin American airlines, Chinese travel giants like and global comparison site TripAdvisor, to name a few).


Is this something what will be addressed by the end of 2020? Asking as I will be looking for a new provider. But unfortunately would not consider FreeTrade if it does not support “nationality declaration”