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Good morning @Frankie04 - I can see this is your first post on the forum so Hello! :wave:t2: Just a quick pointer on stock request etiquette.

Before requesting a stock, especially one with the profile of IAG please uses the search function as you’ll often find a request may well exist already with votes all ready cast, discussions and often in some cases a reason why is cannot be added currently. IAG for example requires a national declaration of the stock holder and due to the way FT hold the stocks this hasn’t been implemented yet.

If you’re chosen stock hasn’t been requested before the a good example of a stock request looks like this which explains what the company is, why it should be accelerated (remember all stocks are coming but if you want to jump the queue you need to make your case)

I hope you enjoy your time on the forum, we’re a (broadly) freindly bunch!!

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Welcome to the FT forum! There is indeed plenty of interest in this one - see separate thread