Never heard of Stockomendation before. Just came across this on Seeders

They want to be Trip Advisor equivalent of Stock Market apparently.

(Emma) #2

According to companies house they’ve been around since 2012. Wonder why they’ve decided now is the time to crowdfund? Not signed up to seedrs but if the answer is there I’d like to know :grin:

(Big Boss) #3

Not a great business model in my opinion. Can’t see this being widely adopted. Encourages pump and dump. Nasty.

(Rob N) #4

Pretty sure this was was on Crowdcube a couple years ago! I could be wrong but I don’t remember it getting funded…

(Joe) #5

Not keen on the idea at all. Sounds like new investors will be easily manipulated. Also discourages people from doing their own research.


There’s already thousands of people on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube giving advice on crypto, stocks, and real estate. You can agree with it, disagree with it, but it’s already out there. Will people abandon their current platforms to use this new platform? I doubt it.


sounds a little bit like Stocktwits