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Have you checked that the pay date has actually passed? Sometimes it takes a couple of days to book them in.
Freetrade generally pay all dividends correctly, there has not been any issue so far afaik.

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Thanks for the reply, yes all pay dates have passed, some for well over a week now. I bought all before the ex date also. On my shares of BGY.L the dividend should have been 17p per share but I only received 14p and it come in 2 parts.

What is BGY.L? I don’t get any results when I search for that in the app

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I’ve found Freetrade tends to be pretty consistent with dividend payments.

For BGY.L Is it definitely a LSE stock? That ticker doesn’t seem to exist on the LSE

Do you have some other examples of the other stocks that are missing dividends?


Are you 100% that it’s a UK stock? 17p - 15% = 14.45p
15% is the tax withheld on US stocks.


Do you mean BYG?

they have a divided this round of 17p. But its a REIT and they pay dividends as PIDs which is taxable income at 20%. I believe the dividend may be the pre-tax amount (someone correct me if im wrong) and BYG take the 20% tax off before sending you the dividend. which would come out to 13.6p.

If this income is above your basic tax free rate you likely cant claim that back. If you’re a higher rate tax payer you likely need to pay the additional higher rate tax to HMRC on top of the basic tax taken by BYG.


If there are any user errors then it’s a teaching moment not a blaming moment.


Yes, yes, I know. I just think, “oh god, not again”.


It’s called Big Yellow Group it’s probably my best preforming share. It’s ticker is BYG :+1:

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Lizmcp, I did check. You show me where it says they don’t pay some dividends + I have every right to complain…

My other shares that didn’t pay are N91, BSBR, BCPT and 2 others that I can’t remember the ticker for now but one was a commercial property one. Thanks for the help though guys (the ones that did help)

Hi Pete, Have you checked back through your activity feed for dividend payments? Sometimes payment announcements don’t arrive, though I usually get a corresponding email.

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Is it the July dividend you’re waiting for on BCPT and did you hold the share before the associated ex-dividend date?

Similarly is it the BSBR payout from June from the May ex-div date.

Double dig, yes it’s not on my activity feed but I haven’t checked my e-mails.

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Jim yes to both

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:+1: Would definitely get in touch with them then.

Thanks Jim, update on BGY:- I’ve just checked e-mail and you are right, you do pay tax on it. So thank you, I didn’t know that. I thought you only paid tax after £2500 a year.


Not all REITs are the same, some do pay dividends as straight up dividends, but many pay what’s called a PID a Property Income Distribution. These are treated as standard income for tax purposes

REITS will tend to pay the basic income tax of 20% for you to HMRC. Now one thing to keep in mind, if you shouldn’t be paying the income tax (say you dont earn enough) then you can claim that back on your tax return. But if you pay more than the basic rate, if your a high tax earner, then you may need to pay more tax on that income.

N91, you need to have held before 22/07/2021. The dividend date was yesterday so you should have gotten paid today at the latest usually.

BSBR is a NYSE stock. You will see a 15% withholding tax on this. you need to have held these before Aug 05, 2021. This is not paid until next month 09/13/2021

BCPT looks like you need to hold before 8/12/2021, and it doesn’t pay until 8/31/2021


Credit to @Eden for that