Unilever in Russia

Not convinced of your reasoning here.


Yes, it’s entirely West hating propaganda! Absolutely sickening that people will support Russia’s genocidal campaign in Ukraine because of their hatred of the West.


What a fascinating question.

For me, I do try to make some morally sound investments, however I discover that I am wrong so often, that it is a somewhat pointless activity. The world is so complex that I could never tell if one stock is good and another bad in any real sense.

At the end of the day a company is named after a section of the military commanded by a captain and the first ever public shares were created for the Dutch East India Company - do some reading about this and you will see what investing is all about! The book Econmix is an eye opener too.

Our very existence as people is driven by our countries’ desire and ability to wage war when needed - so moral questions like this may be questionable in themselves really. a folly to make us feel better about our existence and to feel in control of something maybe?

When it comes to the crunch, our people and resources will be liquidated, just likes the Russian and Ukrainian forces are being now and how British people were in WWI and II. Suddenly then, even the moral evil of killing other men and women is smudged into the bloodied dirt.

Who is right and who is wrong? History is written by the victors, not the morally upstanding.

Happy Tuesday :upside_down_face:

Mcdonalds are in Israel yay

Wonder if this will happen to other companies (like Unilever) too?

Russia seizes control of Danone and Carlsberg operations - BBC News

Shameful to see people defending Russia’s genocidal war on this forum.

Companies have a moral responsibility not to do business in Russia nowadays.


Companies have a duty to look after their shareholders :slight_smile: take that as you wish.

At the end of the day, if you don’t like the company …no one is forcing you to buy in.

Also they may be taken over by the Russian government at any time… And the companies who have waited around and kept doing business in Russia have had a worse deal compared to those who got out last year… Unilever are a brand previously famous for their ESG - Planet & Society | Unilever - so what a lot of nonsense that was… These days companies are not just responsible to their shareholders but also to wider society and they should not be contributing to a country who is raping and murdering innocent people in order to expand their empire…