1. $PENMF Peninsula Energy

  2. $ANLDF Anfield Energy

  3. $WSTRF Western Uranium

  4. $DYLLF Deep Yellow

  5. $DNN Denison Mines

Welcome to the community. I appreciate that the forum doesn’t explicitiy tell you this before you post, but there’s supposed to only be one stock request in each request post. Why? Multiple stocks per post bypasses the voting system. The voting system is here to help :freetrade: gauge demand, so bypassing it doesn’t help them. When you have multiple stock requests in one post, you may as well make it an “add all stocks” post. Again, not helpful.

Some of the things you’d like added have previously been requested. As only one post per request is needed - duplicates get combined and only really create extra admin work - please search the forum for the ones you want, vote on the existing posts and then submit one post for each that doesn’t have a request.