Vanguard FTSE All World UCITS ETF (Dist.) - VWRL

I wonder is there a possibility of a Stock Split with this ETF - It almost hitting a £100 a Share

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These were all trading between $120 and $240 (ish) pre split so VWRL must be getting close.

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Are there any advantages to signing up on here as opposed to buying directly from Vanguard? E.g. they charge a (small) yearly fee. Just wondering as I hold a small amount with Vanguard but will move to here if it makes sense.

Hi @JamesA01

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It’ll depend on what you plan to invest in, if it’s just vanguard fund then the key is the platform fees.

Freetrade ISA = £3p/M
Vanguard ISA = 0.15%

£24,000 is the magic number, as soon as your portfolio crosses this line it’s cheaper to use Freetrade


Hi Neil,

Very informative. Thank you very much!

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You may choose to move before you reach this threshold to gain improvement to the UI as Vangaurd is pretty poor, by their own admission.

You also have access to other funds from different providers that might work better when building a balanced portfolio.

Agreed - I love the funds they provide but it is not the most user-friendly interface I have ever seen!

Will this go down to 57 again on this drop? Just looking from each time it has dropped significantly, its gone down to 57ish.
I know the covid drop was intense, but with the number of stocks dropping ie all of them :frowning: How do people know when the stock bottoms out, without looking at gistorical lows as a guide?

They don’t. You can’t use the past to guide you especially as the reasons for this drop are unrelated to for e.g. the pandemic one.

You could make some educated guesses by looking at options, forex movements and adjustments to major bond yields.

If we knew exactly in advance then we would all be super rich.


Thanks, i suspected i was asking a stupid question. i heard someone on a YouTube video talking about indexes or something, and the way he explained it sounded like he was looking for certain prices to know when things will bounce.
I’ve obviously misunderstood what he meant, but thought I’d ask on here anyway.
Thankyou for the reply.

People will discuss ‘resistance’ it has merit but honestly if you’re a new investor it’s not something you need to worry about. If your buying and holding for years the mantra from Warren Buffett is

Time in the market, not timing the market.


In other words invest now and worry about it later, much later.

I understand where you are coming from. In general YouTube videos associated with stocks and shares should be viewed with a large pinch of salt. There are a few good ones out there … but in general beware. These people make money by you watching their videos.

The thing that the person that you were listening to was possibly talking about is a field called “technical analysis”. Technical analysis is not about stock fundamentals. Many people regard it as hocus pocus. If one were to try to give some credence to it then perhaps one can regard it as drawing conclusions from human behaviour. Problem is that human behaviour is both highly predictable and erratic. So it gives a lot of scope for crystal ball gazers to say “I told you so’. For example, they will say things like 'if the share crosses this line then it is sure to go down further”. There are, on the other hand, certain things that are true: stocks can move with momentum, both up and down, in a way that is fully unrelated to the prospects of the company.

Now-a-days I hear people say things like “Do your own Research” unfortunately most of the time I hear that it seems to come from the mouth or hands of a conspiracy theorist. They use this phrase to find and/or push information that confirms their false beliefs. So friend the only thing I can really say is be careful out there.


VWRL dividends due today according to Dividendmax. It’s my biggest holding so pretty interested to see when it comes through…

Not today, hopefully tomorrow.

Do you guys ever make much with this eft? as I held it over year with it only gaining like a pound where as others like the snp were way a head for almost half the price.

People don’t buy this ETF with a one year horizon. Come back in 3 or even better 5 years.

If you are looking at these kind of ETFs on a shorter basis then, my friend, you are not getting what this type of ETF is for.


No I understand this is a lesser return eft than others. I was just wondering what kind of returns people have managed as I see some people fire the majority of there money into this eft as a safe low passive income.

That is absolutely not the point I am making. The fact that you are asking this question suggests you don’t understand the ethos of this ETF. This is a long term world ETF.

I would not recommend using this forum to find out “what kind of returns people are getting”. Freetrade has a lot of customers. A negligible portion put this sort of information here. You are not getting representative information. It is better to go to Vanguard’s site and get this information from there. Alternatively go to to share history chart on yahoo, Google or the London stock Exchange etc to get this information. Honestly this should all be a part of your research into the stock before you buy :slightly_smiling_face:


Just thought I would add:
This isnt “safe” .
Its highly diversified.
There’s a difference