ETF Distribution

This is how I am thinking of distributing £1000 every month. I am undecided on a couple of the ETFs, which ones would you pick and which ones would you drop?

I prefer the vanguard ETFs due to their divended payout, performance seems the same across each ETF too. Vanguard seems to be cheaper. Any thoughts?


Uk is definitely overrepresented. That’s a massive UK/home bias. And FTSE 100 and 250 invests in 100 of the same companies. Scratch the ftse 100 and add an msci world.

FTSE250 are the next 250 companies after FTSE100 and are more UK-focussed than FTSE100.

FTSE100 + FTSE250 = largest 350 companies on the London Stock Exchange


Interesting. I actually wasn’t aware of that, thanks. Then scratch that part of my argument :smiley:

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FTSE 100 and FTSE 250 have different holdings. FTSE 100 is large-cap and FTSE 250 is mid-cap.

I generally like UK exposure, as I dont read much into the US market. Having the top 350 companies in the UK is still pretty diverse, but maybe it would be better to put money into the 250.

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Vanguard Lifestrategy funds give you good global coverage. For that share / bond breakdown you could go for the 80% Accumulation variety direct via VG. ( Usual DYOR rules apply :wink: )

50% of the whole amount into UK shares is a lot. If it were my £1k, I would switch out VUKE for VWRL.

I’m heavy UK :uk: at the moment with some crossover. My ETF portfolio pays a minimum of 1 dividend per month (4 dividends 4 months of the year) with dividends reinvested for compounding.

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I’d go 100% VWRL


Can’t go wrong with patience.

Thats quite a big allocation to the UK, I would go with a developed world ETF. This is how I’ve allocated my trackers.

VEVE Developed World ETF: 75%
VFEM Emerging Markets ETF: 15%
VGOV UK Gilts ETF: 5%
VUCP USD Corporate Bonds ETF: 5%


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Check SWDA.