3 fund portfolio isa ?

Ok guys trust asking for thoughts and any advice on my portfolio these are my current holdings I know I’m probably too high on the DL but enjoy the dividends.

Ishares S&P 500 - 54.2%
Ishares Uk high dividend -3.6%
Direct line -42.2%

I’m working on bringing up the uk dividend etf to balance things out thoughts on this please thanks .


Each to their own. If you’ve done the research, and you’re happy with your choice, then what you’ve chosen is right for you.

All the best. :+1:

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Thank you for the reply yes , my daughter works for them and I get to know a few things and also like them as a business that’s the only risky one I’ll have the rest will be ETF , see how I get on with it all

I would be uncomfortable with having 40% in any one company. It’s a big risk: if that business or the wider insurance sector takes a hit, the dividend could be suspended and you may also face a sizeable capital loss.


RE:DLG, The industry has immense headwinds with inflation. They are exposed through Motor, Home and Travel products… Although they may be better placed than their rivals to manage it I find it hard to see much upside. The dividend is large but could be at risk because the dividend cover is getting close to 1 which could mean a cut if profits don’t increase. I have some shares but a relatively low % of my portfolio


Yeah as we speak I’m just shy of 1k down on the shares with them , I’m kind of planning to use there dividends to bulk up my ETFs but know it’s a bit of a risk , if the share price picks up I may sell it down a bit and put into the uk dividend fund

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Why are you looking at a UK dividend ETF in particular? When I was thinking my plans through I mostly went with all-world options so that a downturn in one region wouldn’t pull my entire portfolio down.


I was tempted by the vanguard all world , but just fancied having S&P 500 for US coverage and growth. The Uk one covering here with a decent dividend payment from 50 good business & it pays quarterly too.

Sometimes I thought about 80-90% S&P and 10-20 in finance