Best ETF for Dividends

Hey Folks, as somone who has been fairly new to the stocks and shares game (since last Nov) on FT I was wondering about delving into the world of ETFs and thought the people on here tend to know what they’re talking about in terms of experience and advice?

Ive got a pretty good handle on individual stocks and companies but was looking for something in an ETF that would get me the most bang for buck so to speak. Lot of sites and forums tend to differ at present on which ones are best for simply getting you good dividends back, while not costing a fortune.

Any advice or examples for some that people have had good returns on would be appreciated!


Two UK ones to consider might be iShares UK Dividend UCITS ETF (IUKD) and SPDR UK Dividend Artistocrats ETF (UKDV).

The US equivalent of UKDV could be SPDR US Dividend Aristocrats ETF (USDV).

As always, please do your own research.

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Perhaps not the answer you are looking for but I guess my only advice would be if that if you are focused on total returns you shouldn’t worry about dividends. These’s some more discussion around the irrelevance of dividends in the thread below.

Also might be stupid question (apologies but again these are pretty new to me) but how are the costs/fees managed on FT with ETFs? Are they taken out as a % with every purchase?

The ETF provider ‘takes’ some of the money within the fund for their fees, which then translates to a tiny drop within the price of the ETF. More info is here, but really you don’t need to worry about it (which is the beauty of ETFs).

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ah I see, thanks! Just thought since they had fees the ETFs within FT got charged extra or something more was taken from us the buyer.