iShares Core FTSE 100 UCITS ETF (Dist.) ISF

Tracks the performance of an index composed of the 100 largest UK companies. Income will be distributed as cash.

This is a distributing etf, paying dividends quarterly


Which one is it? Tracks performance or pays dividends?

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Are the costs correct?

For some reason it says there is a refund.

@sampoullain ISF pays dividends, doesn’t it?

I havent received any divend even though it was supposed to be paid yesterday.

Has anyone else had anything through?

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Yes. Received on the 30th June. Hope yours has arrived, @Messsingh

They can take upto a couple of working days to show. Mine for this one showed this morning.

Can someone explain to me in simple terms why this has a negative transaction fee? How does that work?

It’s a quirk of the reporting regulation that means things like slippage/delay costs (the change in price between when I decide to trade and when the trade executes) can be negative. For example if I decide to sell at £1 but by the time the trade goes through the prices changes and it executes at £1.01 that shows up as a negative 1% cost.

Transaction cost reporting is very confusing and the numbers don’t reflect what a typical investor might expect - this is one of the better explanations:

In general for a broad market-cap weighted fund (which is naturally self-balancing) from a big provider like Blackrock / Vanguard as is the case here it’s probably not worrying about as there shouldn’t be a lot of transactions and the stocks will be highly liquid.