ISF vs VUKE - 100 Large Cap Stocks UK

I am still in the learning position in regards to stocks. I also kept investing in ETFs more than simple stocks.

I came across ISF from iShares (approx £6-7) and VUKE from Vanguard (approx £30) and really cannot tell the difference despite almost 5 times the difference in price.

Please, could someone shed some light on my issue?

Other than the price per share difference here are two other differences.

  1. ISF 0.07% ongoing charge vs VUKE 0.09%. So ISF is a tiny bit cheaper
  2. Methodology: ISF fully replicates the FTSE 100 with the same weightings as the index. VUKE uses something called optimised sampling so it consists of the FTSE 100 stocks but with slightly different weights to allow for more efficient tracking.

Neither method is better than the other and performance is pretty much identical.


I know its a old post but any reason as to why the dividend yield is different,vuke currently 4.41 and isf 3.91?

Its most likely down to the timing of when the dividends are paid. Usually dividend yield is calculated on a 12 month look back. When looking at 2021 calendar year, ISF had a yield of 4.28 and VUKE 4.43
Difference here may also be down to rounding of dividends when distributed


I own both but far more ISF. suprising to hear that on OCF iShares is cheaper then Vangaurd on this one

Thanks for the reply,it just stood out to me and was like mmm thats weird,ill stick to vuke i think.

Any reason why you have both out of interest ?

No point selling VUKE to buy ISF. ISF is cheaper though if you do want to add to your FTSE 100 position

I had vuke a while ago but sold my shares gonna go back in as i need to up my etf positions,i wouldn’t sell to buy the other although vuke does seem slightly better and i prefer vanguard over blackrock,and the yield seems a bit better.

I dunno. I’m more into ISF to be fair. Got 3 X VUKE and 45 x ISF. Probably am 99% more likely to build my ISF position over time

Ahhh fair enough that was my thinking its better building up 1 or the other,any idea why the div yield seems a bit different?