ISF vs VUKE - 100 Large Cap Stocks UK

I am still in the learning position in regards to stocks. I also kept investing in ETFs more than simple stocks.

I came across ISF from iShares (approx £6-7) and VUKE from Vanguard (approx £30) and really cannot tell the difference despite almost 5 times the difference in price.

Please, could someone shed some light on my issue?

Other than the price per share difference here are two other differences.

  1. ISF 0.07% ongoing charge vs VUKE 0.09%. So ISF is a tiny bit cheaper
  2. Methodology: ISF fully replicates the FTSE 100 with the same weightings as the index. VUKE uses something called optimised sampling so it consists of the FTSE 100 stocks but with slightly different weights to allow for more efficient tracking.

Neither method is better than the other and performance is pretty much identical.