iShares Core S&P 500 UCITS ETF (GSPX)

This ETF tracks an index of 500 large US equities. Income will be distributed as cash.

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Might be a really dumb question this, but if anyone knows, could someone let me know of the difference between this and iUSA?

This one is hedged, it would be good if the mini description was updated as this is key @sampoullain


What does that mean exactly?

Checking this out Rob, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for letting us know.

As the US market is in dollars, so the investment will go up and down based on currency. Hedged options eliminate this currency risk which makes it simpler but as it costs money to hedge you pay a little extra.

Long term investors can often ignore the currency swings over the years and can take the reduced the fee. It’s down to personal preference.


This one is hedged and in GBP. iUSA is in USD.

Could someone tell me what the difference is between this one



VUSA distributes income (dividend). VUAG accumulates /reinvest it.

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I see if that’s the only differences why is one high than the other?

Also what is the difference between this etf and the others i mentioned?

The one with money reinvested is likely the higher one because it’s ‘Accumulative’ (Acc), so it grows bigger than the Distributive (Dist) ETF where profits are paid out as a dividend.

I see and what does this ETF do compared to those 2 ?

I don’t know the two Vanguard funds and how they compare on performance but this is a hedged distributive (dividend paying) ETF offered in GBP (£) by iShares (Black Rock). You may want to compare management charges between the funds.