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It’s great to see new ETF’s being added, thanks to the team. I’ve noticed a new iShares S&P500 ETF (£GSPX) has been added which has a lower value than the current iShares S&P500 ETF I’ve invested (£IUSA). I’m struggling to understand the difference between the two and why IUSA is more valuable - can anyone help?

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Which is more valuable a gold bar divided into 10 pieces or 5? Answer depends on the weight of the gold bar and not how big its slices are.

The share price is nothing to do with value. Everything to do with an arbitary unit. No two ETF will ever have the same figure as they will hold slightly different weightings of stocks and have a different sizes of fund.


Take a look at them on JustETF - that helps break down the differences and may explain the reasons.

Thanks both, appreciate your help.

GSPX is Gbp £ hedged as opposed to IUSA & VUSA (share currency USD) which are not - hedged etf can protect you from currency fluctuations.

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I am new to investing. I want to invest in ETF . Which should i go for -i shares or S&P500 ETF?

Not much in them. Why not have both if you want that fund? We can’t give advice on this forum too

I’ve have a mix of both! Minimal difference really.

Thank you.

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