[Request] iShares NASDAQ 100 UCITS ETF NQSE


Can we please add this EF?

Ticker NQSE

this ETF is in Euros, Freetrade havenโ€™t added that yet (at least not to UK accounts). Unless youโ€™re looking for a EUR specific version of this ETF? the USD/GBP version (CNX1) is already on Freetrade

Im looking for price difference. I dont have ยฃ500 to invest a month.

Theres CNDX which you could request. I was trying to figure out the difference, it seems to be listed in USD whereas CNX1 is listed in GBP. Itโ€™s much cheaper per share.

In theory Freetrade could add all three once they launch the Euro accounts I would assume.

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