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I would love to see this ETF added to the ever growing universe at Freetrade. After watching the video below I’ve been looking into this ETF and it has indeed outperformed the S&P500!! I would love to invest in this ASAP. Please have a look at the video below and vote if you agree!

It’s already on freetrade just Invesco rather than ishares otherwise identical.

No this version is Accumulating versus the Distributing ETF which already exists on Freetrade.

Does it really matter either way just buy more with the dividends problem solved.

Very different tax treatments and slightly different results. The Accumulating class reinvest dividends as they are paid whereas Distributing pay out dividends every quarter/half year. This can mean, and often does mean, that Distributing ETFs (with dividend reinvesting) underperform Accumulating ETFs.


Just to clarify your last sentence… so you mean that the distributing ETF already available would underperform in comparison to the accumulating ETF I’m requesting?

I’d prefer a more affordable ETF to get investing in NASDAQ asap given the current environment. It’s a growth ETF at the end of the day with so much potential. I’d really like to see it on Freetrade.

Again it depends on the fees etc. (I am ignoring tax because that is personal). If all you want to do is buy and hold the NASDAQ100 and reinvest the dividends then, over a reasonable time frame, the Accumulating version will likely outperform the Distributing version (there are published reports on this). This is because dividends are invested as soon as paid rather than every quarter and so you have more time in the market.

Yeah that’s spot on, I’d prefer to invest in the accumulating ETF which would strengthen my position in NASDAQ automatically :grinning: :+1:

Yes and I think it is a failing of Freetrade that you can’t. Almost every ETF comes in both versions and these should always both be present in order to provide choice.

Due to the lack of hedged and Distro/Accum ETFs I do not have my main portfolio on Freetrade but I really want to.


If you’ve read through the thread and agree, don’t forget to vote! Thanks.

Good point! I’m more interested in the hedged NASDAQ ETF but have voted for this one too!


Voted :+1:

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Great to see so many votes coming in! Hoping this ETF pops up on Freetrade sooner with this level of support :+1:

Great read…

Great informative thread - thanks. I work for Nasdaq listed company and think it has the best tech sector out there… cheers

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I’ve been scouring the internet reading about some of the best / most highly recommended ETFs and I’m surprised how few of them are actually available on Freetrade… there isn’t much variety at all. I’m really hoping this NASDAQ ETF can be the start of many more to come…

PLEASE VOTE :grin: :+1:


Looks like this ETF has outperformed the only NASDAQ ETF currently available on FT by Invesco… it’s projected performance is even more impressive!!


The investment objective of the Fund is to deliver the net total return performance of the Reference Index (being the NASDAQ 100), less the fees and expenses and transaction costs of the Fund. The Reference Index is an equity index of securities comprising the largest US and international companies in terms of market capitalisation listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market. The Reference Index reflects companies across major industry groups including computer hardware and software, telecommunications, retail/wholesale trade and biotechnology. It does not contain securities of financial companies including investment companies. The Reference Index represents companies that are available to investors world wide with 100 constituents as of 30 September 2011.


First post!
Could the iShares Nasdaq 100 ucits etf (cnx1) accumulating please be added to the freetrade platform.


The same etf was requested not long ago but hasn’t been added yet.