Vanguard FTSE North America UCITS ETF (Acc) - VNRG

This is the accumulating version, we have the distributing one available on the platform VNRT.

This is useful is you’re trying to limit exposure to the US that you can find in the global trackers.

Giving this a little bump! For some nice airtime.

I’m planning on building my own global tracker that I can weight myself and this could be useful.

@NeilB This is now live on your app! :slight_smile:


Amazing! I just need Vanguard to stop messing up my SIPP transfer and I’ll be able to buy it!

Thanks for getting this one added :ok_hand:t2:

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Hi @Alex_B i’ve just logged on to buy VNRG but can only find VNRT.

@Alex_B I can see the vote was removed, but I can’t find VNRG anywhere in the app! I’d like to get this one.

I moved this topic back to Stock Requests as VNRG is not actually available in the app.

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I had to buy VNRT but would rather have the accumulation fund

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Something bogus going on with this stock. Mine is showing down by 99% - the price in the app is 1/100th of the market price from other sources. Bug?


How come this one’s Plus only? I thought all Vanguard ETFs would be available for non-Plus members as per comments from Freetrade like the one below. I’ve noticed a few Invesco ETFs are Plus only too.


It’s nice to see that VNRG is available now, but it does seem odd that it’s Plus only and has an odd price showing.

This should be in the free universe. Will get this updated asap.



Hi Alex, any word on the price issue? I paid a little over £80/share and it’s now showing more like £0.80 in the app. I don’t think the North American stock market has collapsed by 99%…

Nope that’s clearly an issue with the price that’s being displayed in the app. Based on the LSE’s website it’s showing as trading around £78/share, though liquidity is quite shallow.

This has been flagged to get fixed.