Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (Dist) - V3AM

Vanguard ESG Global All Cap Ucits ETF
Inception date 23rd March 2021.
Request to add to Freetrade if possible please :+1:t3:

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And V3AB for the accumulation version


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Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t4: for this to be added by new ISA season next week :star_struck:

Great suggestion Richard. I would like the answer sooner than that though as it will affect my decision who to open next year’s ISA with.


This ETF will be the main core holding in my Freetrade ISA.


I will also be switching in a significant way and looking to invest in funds that are actively changing the infrastructure rather than doing less bad.


Another day, another chance to vote.

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Voted - a great addition to have. The ESG screened alternative to VWRL.


Please :wink: @Viktor

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There are no independent ESG scores for V3AM because it is so new - MCSI will probably evaluate it in 6 months. However, because it’s based on the FTSE Global All Cap Choice Index, we cannot expect its ESG scores to be particularly high :frowning: .

But if anyone is looking for trackers that are likely to have higher ESG scores than V3AM, then:

  1. do please add your vote for SUSW (and its GBP-denominated version SGWS) right here - it has high ESG scores, is nicely global, and has reasonable costs.
  2. and in the meantime, there are some region-specific trackers with solid ESG scores already on Freetrade (SUUS, SUJA, IESG, SUES).
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