Vanguard ESG Global Corp Bond UCITS ETF GBP Hgd D - V3GP

Ticker: V3GP
Name: Vanguard ESG Global Corp Bond UCITS ETF GBP Hgd D

Key fund facts:

  • ISA Ready
  • Inception date - 20 May 2021
  • GBP Based

Link: Vanguard Asset Management | Personal Investing in the UK


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They have too small assets to be traded by FT I believe

Good spot @Lonli-Lokli

nobody would want to be caught trying to trade with liquidity this low. Check out 18th November

Maybe, but isn’t the idea to buy and hold. Not frequently trade?

Not an expert; so, I apologise if I am wrong (and happy to learn).

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If there were only 2 bureau de change in town you’re likely to get a worse deal on currency than if there were 20. That’s basically how liquidity works in the stock market.

This affect both your monthly purchase but also the time when you need to sell (for rebalancing or access to the funds)


Got it now. Thank you @NeilB!

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Thinking of it long term, I think ESG ETFs are going to be the way forward… so with that in mind, I think this will be the ESG equivalent of the aggregate bonds. But guess with the low volumes, it might be low on FT’s list of priorities.