[Request] Vanguard Information Technology ETF - VGT

This ETF won’t be offered for sale on Freetrade, as it doesn’t have a KIID. I would suggest looking for UCITS ETFs to propose.

iShares S&P 500 Information Technology Sector is similar I believe. It’s called “US Tech Sector” in the Freetrade app, code £IITU.


Yup this is very similar and I have had decent returns on this already. Tech will only get stronger as the years progress and technology advances.


Isn’t the below the KIID for VGT.

I still do not understand why freetrade would not be able to offer this etf.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is not a UCITS fund as such would not be provided by most U.K. based brokers including Freetrade to retail customers in the U.K./EU: See TQQQ ETF - #2 by bitflip

You may find out further information about the relevant regulations by perusing the FCA site.

Several uk brokers provide this ETF