[Request] Vanguard Information Technology ETF - VGT

This ETF won’t be offered for sale on Freetrade, as it doesn’t have a KIID. I would suggest looking for UCITS ETFs to propose.

iShares S&P 500 Information Technology Sector is similar I believe. It’s called “US Tech Sector” in the Freetrade app, code £IITU.


Yup this is very similar and I have had decent returns on this already. Tech will only get stronger as the years progress and technology advances.


Isn’t the below the KIID for VGT.

I still do not understand why freetrade would not be able to offer this etf.

Any help would be appreciated.

It is not a UCITS fund as such would not be provided by most U.K. based brokers including Freetrade to retail customers in the U.K./EU: See TQQQ ETF - #2 by bitflip

You may find out further information about the relevant regulations by perusing the FCA site.

Several uk brokers provide this ETF

Can you let me know which brokers you found who sell this ETF?

Thank you

Which brokers are they? Do they provide an ISA?

Thank you

eToro is probably one of them but then you’re likely buying a CFD rather than the underlying stock.

I’d sooner buy a UTICS equivalent such as IITU.

I was aware of eToro but like you say I would prefer to own the underlying asset.

Thank you very much for your suggestion of IITU, which but having a quick look reinvests its dividends and does not distribute to the holder.

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Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s any distributing options aside from XSTC but that’s not available on FT.

A Nasdaq tracker such as EQQQ might be the closest available option. I think that’s distributing.

Two investment trusts: ATT and PCT: are worth considering but neither pays a dividend and they’re both up 15-20% over two-three months.

That is all very helpful indeed.

EQQQ is my largest holding by far, good to hear someone else discuss it. Wrapped safely in an ISA!!

Have iitu, looking at xlkq not sure about it. Wish they had an ucits for qqqm.