This has been one of the best performing IShares please vote and get this added.

Need to vote yourself…

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We already have an ETF covering the NASDQA 100. Is this one different in anyway?

There is similar one but that one covers more social media, this one covers a lot more technology based companies. I’ve got this on Wombat and it’s been my best performing one.

Thanks didn’t know how it worked

They both just cover the NASDAQ100 though? About 20% of the value is Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet.

I just checked and as far as I can tell they are the same ETF. Can you share the reasons they are different?

They hold different percentages on the same holds like Apple 19.77% or Microsoft 20.42%, whereas the current IShare IITU has around 10% for each and also there is other merchants like TESLA, VISA, PayPal and Google ain’t listed.

Check out the comparison honestly a lot better potential for gross in my opinion.

No, they both hold the 100 companies that make up the Nasdaq 100, in generally the percentages which correspond to the constituent market caps. Just buy EQQQ.

I do not understand where you are getting your facts from?


Sorry i mean to say the other way around, I believe percentages can make an impact and I hold both these shares on a different platform from a performance aspect this performs better than IITU.

In relation to EQQQ, is quite expensive for 1 share where I feel like I shares you can put your eggs in different baskets.

Ah okay sure that is very different. You can always buy a broad based ETF and then double down in individual holdings.

I agree on the expense of the single share being great. It would be good to see either fractional ETFs or simply ETFs which have a lower price for a single share.

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