Why are there 2 different FTSE 100 ETFs?

Sorry if this is a stupid question…
I’m still new to investing but want to get really good!

I want to invest in Index funds so the FTSE 100 but noticed there is 2 different options for it on Freetrade with very different prices

What’s the difference?
Is one better than the other?
Do they provide the same returns?

Again! Sorry if a stupid question!


IShares and Vanguard are both companies that offer a bunch of different ETFs tracking all sorts of indexes (including the FTSE 100). From what I can see they are both distributing, so they will pay out whatever dividends they receive from their holdings. As for price/performance, they buy/sell just like any other stock, but I would think they roughly track the underlying value of their holdings. The difference in the price you see there would largely depend on how big the etf is and how many shares it is divided into.

you can get more detailed info about each one here:
VUKE: Vanguard Asset Management | Personal Investing in the UK
ISF: Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) | iShares UK – BlackRock

(also no question is stupid)


Thanks for this, I have often wondered this myself!!