iShares v Vanguard ETFs


I’m currently looking and S&P500 ETF’s with the above; the Vanguard ETF is almost twice the price of the IShares ETF but it isn’t clear why; I’m wondering if it’s because the Vanguard ETF is a bigger holding? Any Insight or knowledge that can be shared will be greatly appreciate.


I went with the iShares ETF because they don’t fully replicate the S&P500 (like Vanguard) but use optimised sampling instead to get better results. The iShares has slightly edged the Vanguard ETF over the last 5 years.

Here’s a great reference to watch, I hope it helps!


That has nothing really to do with the question though.
The prices are different because the fund size and the number of shares the ETF is split into are different.
2 ETF track the same index:
#1 has a fund size of 10 and split into 10 shares, makes and etf price of 1.
#2 is the exact same fund with size 100 but is split in 1000 parts. This makes an etf price of 0.10.
Both are exactly the same. Buying 1 share of #1 or 10 shares of #2 gives you the exact same result.


This is very useful, thank you.

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