New to investing. Please help

New to investing, little confused. Today’s S&P 500 (ishares) on this app shows it up by about 0.8% but on the stock exchange the S&P 500 is down by about 2.79%.

Does this ETF not mirror the stock exchange?

Hi willmor and welcome to the forum.

I wrote at length about why tracker ETFs, like the iShares one you’re looking at, are tracking as opposed to mirroring the index.

There are a few reasons, including your iShares being London-traded (so, different timezone) and not always containing all the constituents. It’s one of those newbie questions that is not really explained anywhere on the internet.

I hope this helps:

Many thanks, that does help me to understand it now

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You are welcome. I work in financial services, so I’m trying to share.

I never saw any web site that would properly explain all this for beginners, but it looks like FT are trying to help that.

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