Buying s&p 500 shares

Hi i have just started to trade so i am a novice i bought some shares on the app.but when i tried to purchase some s&p 500 shares i was unable to buy them the buy now button did not light up ,any thoughts why this would happen ,i did have 50 pounds in my account at the time

Did you enter the amount of money you intended to spend?

Which S&P500 ETF were you trying to buy? because Vanguards VUSA S&P500 ETF costs more than £50 per share so you would not be able to afford that one.

You could try buying Ishares S&P500 ETF with ticker IUSA which costs around £28 per share currently.

Hi all i know is i was on the free trade app.went to s&p 500 put 50 pounds and got nothing

It was likely the Vanguard VUSA one that costs more than £50 try the search bar and type IUSA and try with that one. With UK shares you cannot buy a fraction of the share currently you have to buy full shares only.

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ok thanks very much for your time i will try that