VC Stock Additions

After reading the Crowdcube on Crowdcube story I came across the Draper Esprit (LON:GROW) which is basically one of the leading EU VC funds following artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital healthcare and fintech.

These seem to be more “emerging” market and start-upesque style (which is my preference :yum:)

Will these “higher” R/R VC style stocks be added at some point to Freetrade ?
What exactly are the criterias in terms of the “The Stock Universe”?


I assume they would @Freetrade_Team1, my understanding is over time pretty much everything in LSE will be accessible?

I’ve looked at some VC funds before, they usually have high minimum investments and take something like 20-25% of profits. Looks like Draper Esprit has a £25,000 minimum in the EIS fund as below.

So these aren’t the best for newer investors, crowdfunding can offer some of the same opportunities with lower fees and no minimums.


20%-25% is the industry standard from my limited knowledge. I specifically mentioned GROW (the Draper Esprit stock) as it’s available on the LSE which Freetrade uses.

Ah I see! Makes sense!