Vertex Pharma πŸ’ŠπŸ’‰ - VRTX

Please add them, they are up and coming pharma company.

Anyone heard the rumours about Vertex and a potential merger. I have been informed that the stock will explode in next few weeks once announcement is made

Well I hope there’s some truth in this as the trial results lately have dragged it lower and lower!

Is there anything online about this mate? Done a bit of rooting around and can’t find anything but today’s SP action is a bit coincidental…

can’t find anything but had a tip from a guy from hooverhyfield

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Vertex CEO bought 10,000 shares of Veryex last week

Does anyone know how credible Hoover Hyfield are?

Hi. it’s a scam

i reported them to the FCA

They have no connections to the FCA even though they claim to on their website

Thank you.