Virtual investment & insights chatbot

I’ve just seen that the beta version of has been launched, which provides insights about the markets and investment portfolios to the user in a seamless manner by using natural language processing (in other words, you chat with the app and it tells you what’s going on with your investments). It’s been founded by Jonty Hurwitz, a serial entrepreneur as well as a maths-powered artist.

Perhaps worth looking into, either for an integration, or to draw some inspiration / ideas. Finding some interesting insights often involves going through tables of e.g. % returns over different horizons, sorting ascending/descending, filtering by industry, etc. If you asked your phone to do that for you in a single sentence, it’d be amazing.

Additional use cases:

  • portfolio allocation (“risk-parity allocate 50% of my cash to the 10 top performing stocks in the past 20 days with a two-sigma trailing stop loss”)
  • news-related (“what stocks have been [positively/negatively] impacted by recent news?”, “brief me about recent news related to my portfolio”)
  • social-based (“tell me what stocks people are talking about”) (and check e.g. stocktwits, wallstreetbets on reddit, etc)

Hope these are enough ideas for now!