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Hello all interesting news on Vodafone atm. Looks like the Italy sale has been approved for 8pm euros 2nd of which will be used for buybacks rather than all of the funds used to pay down debt?

They have also announced the dividend will be halved for 2025 as expected. I hope the dividend is higher than the interest which is the reason for this move and not a desperate way to increase the SP. Either way the lower dividend should make the company more stable for the time being.

I still hold hope that this will become like Aviva which also sold off its unprofitable business to concentrate on core and is now even doing buybacks. I can’t see this becoming like Rolls Royce unless of course Africa and the Middle East takes off. I would be very happy with £1 per share.

TLDR let’s concentrate on streamlining the business managing the debt and concentrating on growth areas then hopefully in a few years the dividend will grow.

7 days to go till Vodafone’s FY24 results. Here’s hoping they have managed to cut the debt again.

Ok so the Vodafone Uk Three Uk merger has now been approved. Happy days here’s hoping this boosts the share price

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I think its great that we have the government approval subject to certain conditions which are not an issue. (this was always the easy one to get in my opionion)

We still need OFCOM & CMA to approve the deal I expect OFCOM will approve it but they may want Vodafone to give up/sell some spectrum to get the deal through as the new entity will have a huge chunk of high value which may not be a goer for Vodafone.

The biggest one will be the CMA as they can still block the deal fully or require certain conditions and it will depend on the conditions they require as to if the deal will go through as based on the phase 1 investigation it’s not a done deal as they may impose conditions that Vodafone may not agree with, but hey will will know around September time how that goes.

I also think some of the big shareholders will resist Vodafone giving too much as being an honest objective shareholder I believe Vodafone have already given up too much to Three to get the deal anything else is going to make this a bad deal for Vodafone shareholders.

Wow another day another rise. Maybe I’ll get my money back after all :slight_smile:

Update they have announced a 500m euro share buyback programme this morning.

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Second good day so far, the dividend got chopped in half yesterday but clearly that has been priced in.
Bought just over 1.1k worth of shares and currently down £177 less 95 quid of dividends, do the arithmetic not the maths :saluting_face:

Oh boy I don’t even want to calculate my losses in this one :). Vodafone will always have a place in my heart as my first ever purchase on FT.
If I remember correctly I bought around the 1 pound mark should have sold out when it hit £1.20