Investec plc - INVP

Originating in South Africa, Investec provides various financial services including private banking, wealth management and investment banking.

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They never recovered after COVID. Is anyone aware of prospects going forward?

Would appreciate any discussion points. :blush:

@ncftrnc In the Investec Trading Update (March '21) it was said that ‘While the general outlook is improving, the long term impact of the pandemic is uncertain…we are positioned to pursue long term growth.’ The company plans to make a dividend payment in May '21.

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'Very undervalued with reasonable growth potential ’
Earnings are forecast to grow by 29.93% per year ~ SimplyWallSt.
There has been some insider selling but I have seen a few positive reports.
I plan to keep topping up on this one.


Besides the overall global situation (inflation, war, etc) is there any known reason for these shares to be going down?

I have just received an in-app notification that Investec intents to distribute a 15% holding in “Ninety One PLC” to it’s investors via a Scheme of Arrangement. Investec shareholders are to receive 0.13751 Ninety One PLC shares for every 1 Investec PLC share held at UK market close on 27 May 2022

Investec PLC Ordinary Shareholders will retain their existing shareholding in Investec PLC and the Scheme of Arrangement due to become active on 30 May 2022

Ninety One PLC shares are due to commence trading on 31 May 2022 and will be issued to your account asap following receipt.

My question: Due to the ratio given as 0.13751, how will fractional shares be dealt with by Freetrade seeing as this platform only does fractional shares with US stocks an no-one else.

As example, you have 50 shares on Investec which will lead to 6.8755 Ninety One shares. Will you receive those shares including the decimal as in the full 6.8755 shares? Or, will you receive a rounded down 6 shares but then what of the remaining 0.8755? What happens to this as even that has some value.

In that instance, you would usually expect to get 6 shares plus the cash amount of 0.8755 stock

(edited: £0.8755 to read 0.8755 stock.)


Has anyone receive their Ninety One share allocations yet? Since the initial notification over 3 weeks ago, Freetrade has not given out any further updates. Allocations were done on Monday already.

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They should be in your portfolio now.


You my friend, you are magic! Right after your reply you made it appear in my portfolio! Full on blackmagic sorcery…

Happy days!


are they allocating the ninety one shares in batches? ive still got nothing