We just added 50 new stocks 🔥


Good work!

There was a sea of Trusts when I searched earlier :smile:


Is there a simple full list?

There’s this

if that’s the sort of thing you’re looking for?

Or you can check our Stock Universe spreadsheet for the complete list of stocks etc. that we offer.


Some interesting trusts there :boom:


I’m intrigued as to why so many people want to buy spotify, It’s valued at 30Bn yet only just had it’s first ever profitable qtr

will it ever grow into that valuation?


Might be a good idea to seperate your discover page by trusts and funds , ETFs and stocks. The more you expand your list of stocks the harder it is going to get for people to have a look at the offerings.


Great minds…:wink:


Also, being able to add filters would be handy. If you only have a set amount of money to invest it would be handy to choose a price per share and see only stocks that fit into that bracket. Also the ability to change the sort order of the discover list. The bigger it gets the harder it is to look through! :bar_chart:


Great idea, Georgi, this has been raised here in case you would like to add additional points :slight_smile:

I have also shared the way my current broker (well, now almost ex-broker) categorises securities by types:

I would not be surprised if Freetrade will come up with something better!


I’m not sure I’m looking at the most up to date sheet as the one I’m looking at, some of the investments don’t show their full names, eg:


Ok, I get that you might not want to say ‘Hargreaves Lansdown’ :rofl: but instead of just ‘Growth & Income’, shouldn’t it show ‘Finsbury Growth & Income Trust’?

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William Hill is spelt wrong :no_mouth:

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Thanks, it’s fixed now, it might just take a few minutes to update :timer_clock:

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The music industry is entering a sustained period of growth and will continue to do so. This has been led by Spotify. With a focus on podcasts going forward, less listening time will be music and so they will have to pay out less to record labels. This will be further the case as they have started to sign artists directly. Also about to launch in India, and have a partnership with Tencent.

Less than 200 million people globally pay for a music subscription, lots of room for further growth


Great to see the health trust, my opinion is that this is one of the biggest opportunities for growth/innovation/customer service. Will be doing some research and likely queing up a few orders there for sure!


It’s still spelt wrong in the ‘About’ section at the bottom

Hi Alex

Congratulations to the team for the recent drop of the new stock & funds, nice work. :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for a stock that is in the backlog, any idea when the next wave of stocks, etc is going to be launched?


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Thanks Mat :relaxed:

We add new stocks almost every week, keep an eye on this topic for updates Stock additions 🤳.

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As an Android someone waiting to start I thought I’d look for a complete stock list (to see if you have my current holdings & make requests if not) only to find there is no such thing. There is the Universe v1.0 spread sheet with the first stocks Freetrade opened with (& hoped for in USA) then a series of posts as new ones added. Not that helpful when trying to compare my alphabetised current list to your bits & pieces. Any chance of updating your original universe spread sheet as new stocks are added?

Sorry for the confusion, we’re updating the Stock Universe spreadsheet with new additions as we add them too. So that has the complete list of everything that’ll be available to Android users, once the full app launches.