WisdomTree Global Quality Dividend Growth UCITS ETF USD (Acc) - GGRG - Share chat

I see GGRG has been mentioned in some posts previously but is still unavailable. Would be great to see GGRG added to the ETFs FreeTrade supports.

The quality and momentum factors used to form the underlying index have given GGRG an edge over similar common non-factored ETFs such as HSBC MSCI World (HMWO) and Vanguard FTSE All World (VWRL). See attached chart which shows this outperformance over every available time frame.

I hold a lot of GGRG in my SIPP - it’s a solid core holding for me. I find it frustrating that I still can’t buy this on Freetrade.

ETF web link: https://www.wisdomtree.eu/en-gb/etfs/quality-dividend-growth/wisdomtree-global-quality-dividend-growth-ucits-etf-usd-acc

I realise it has only been 3 months since I flagged this ETF request on here… and I certainly don’t expect my requirements to take priorities over others. But it is not clear to me what the thresholds or requirements are for a request like this to move forward? Is it based on votes or some other criteria? Is this captured on a sticky somewhere that I can refer to?