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Would love to have these stocks on the platform, Rightmove big moves recently. I think internationally could be interesting in second half of the year. Property transactions.

YES! Please add these freetrade team

Since we cant directly invest in the ARK etf I’d love to be able to invest in all their companies individually!

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This as it is part of the top 10 holdings of the ARK Innovation ETF and many people want to build their own!

I can see it on Freetrade.

Has anyone tried to build ARK from the individual stocks? All of them look available.

It would be nice to group your portfolio into pots or buckets, like “innovation” or “biotech”.

Top 10 Holdings

As of 8/7/2020

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Weight Company Ticker Market Price Shares Held Market Value
9.15% TESLA INC TSLA $1452.71 414,730 $602,482,418.30
7.17% SQUARE INC - A SQ $147.22 3,207,505 $472,208,886.10
6.76% INVITAE CORP NVTA $28.43 15,647,548 $444,859,789.64
5.84% CRISPR THERAPEUTICS AG CRSP $89.81 4,281,837 $384,551,780.97
5.28% ROKU INC ROKU $156.39 2,221,255 $347,382,069.45
3.90% 2U INC TWOU $41.49 6,190,249 $256,833,431.01
3.89% PROTO LABS INC PRLB $130.13 1,969,151 $256,245,619.63
3.67% ILLUMINA INC ILMN $355.66 678,590 $241,347,319.40
3.66% ZILLOW GROUP INC - C Z $79.76 3,018,921 $240,789,138.96
3.45% LENDINGTREE INC TREE UW $334.38 679,330 $227,154,365.40

For some reason my search functionality wasn’t returning any of the stocks I checked as being on Freetrade, I have now noticed I was completely wrong and all of them are available!

I own most of these - full disclosure on another platform due to not realising they had been added!

I think Ark has reduced their position at Zillow and increased in Opendoor.