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Can you please add Zomedica corp.

Can $ZOM please be added to the platform?


Yes please add this stock

Definitely add this stock please it’s such a good set and forget long term investment

Hi Freetrade, can you please add this stock? Thank you!

Yes please! Would love to have this added

Interested in this too!


And me

Still waiting…

Just requested it once again using their new request form! Fingers crossed…

A very popular stock at the moment with huge upside. Currently very cheap and about to permanently shoot up.

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Fill out the request form. I’d link it but it’s just easier if you click the form that was shared by Viktor - Freetrade

I haven’t been able to find this stock on Freetrade unfortunately.

Hi Lisa

Welcome to FT community!

This is a stock request thread.

However there is a new process to request stocks so please request your stocks there

Please hurry up and add ZOM, it won’t be long until the correction has ended and it will run.

I pay for premium and want to trade the stonks I like :+1:.