2020 IPO tracker — when will Airbnb, Snowflake, Palantir, DoorDash go public?

2019 was a huge year for IPOs with the likes of Uber, Pinterest, and Beyond Meat among many companies going public.

So far this year we’ve added several freshly IPO’d companies to your app, including Lemonade, GoHealth, Jamf, BigCommerce and Rackspace.

We’ve created this ultimate 2020 IPO tracker to keep tabs on who is rumoured to IPO, has filed, and has ultimately IPO’d.

2020 IPO tracker

Stock Ticker Status Filing Sector On :freetrade:
Acutus Medical AFIB Public :bank: Health
Airbnb Filed :briefcase: Link Travel
American Well Corp Filed :briefcase: Link Health
Asana Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
Bentley Systems BSS Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
BigCommerce BIGC Public :bank: Tech :white_check_mark:
Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp BCACU Filed :briefcase: Link SPAC
Bumble Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Tech
CM Life Sciences Filed :briefcase: Link Health
CureVac N.V. CVAC Public :bank: Health
Deliveroo Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Food & drink
Doordash Filed :briefcase: Link Food & drink
Duck Creek Technologies DCT Public :bank: Tech
GoHealth GOCO Public :bank: Health :white_check_mark:
Goodrx Filed :briefcase: Link Health
Gitlab Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
Hennessey Capital HCAC Filed :briefcase: Link SPAC
Harmony Biosciences Holdings HRMY Public :bank: Health
Hitek Global HKIT Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
The Hut Group Filed :briefcase: Tech :white_check_mark:
Instacart Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Tech
Jaguar Land Rover Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Cars
Jamf JAMF Public :bank: Tech :white_check_mark:
JFrog Filed :briefcase: Link Tech :white_check_mark:
Kiromic Biopharma Filed :briefcase: Link Health
Kraig Biocraft Laboratories KBLB Public :bank: Health
Lemonade LMND Public :bank: Finance :white_check_mark:
Li Auto LI Public :bank: Cars :white_check_mark:
Luminar LAZR Filed :briefcase: SPAC
nCino NCNO Public :bank: Finance :white_check_mark:
O2 Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Telecoms
Oak Street Health OSH Public :bank: Health
Palantir PLTR Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
Pershing Square Tontine Holdings PSTH Public :bank: Link SPAC :white_check_mark:
Postmates Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Food & drink
Rackspace RXT Public :bank: Tech :white_check_mark:
Robinhood Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Finance
Rocket Companies RKT Public :bank: Tech :white_check_mark:
Snowflake Public :bank: Link Tech :white_check_mark:
Social Capital II IPOB Public :bank: SPAC :white_check_mark:
Social Capital III IPOC Public :bank: SPAC :white_check_mark:
Spartan Energy SPAQ Public :bank: Cars :white_check_mark:
Sumo Logic SUMO Filed :briefcase: Link Tech :white_check_mark:
Tortoise SHLL Public :bank: Cars :white_check_mark:
TWC Tech Holdings II Corp Filed :briefcase: Link SPAC
Unity Software Filed :briefcase: Link Tech
Wish Rumour :zipper_mouth_face: Tech
Xpeng Filed :briefcase: Link Cars :white_check_mark:

IPOs listed are est. priced at ~$500m plus.

We’ll try to add as many of these fresh IPOs onto your Freetrade app as possible.

Keep requesting the IPOs you want to see on your app, and we’ll add them to the list.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.


You missed one from the list - Freetrade :slight_smile:



Great work team :ok_hand:

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How often will you update this list? e.g. Noticed Corsair & Unity Software are missing and they’ve filed for IPOs :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unity is on there, but Corsair looks like it’s priced around $100m which means we may not be able to add it.

We’ll keep reviewing and updating this list on a regular basis, and will also see if we’re able to add lower priced/market cap co’s.

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Would it be possible to add nanox tick nnox


Can we get Pershing Square Tontine Holdings? (PSTH)


I am curious where this limit comes from. Could you explain?

Hey, this limit is to ensure good liquidity for new stocks we add, similar to other smaller cap stocks we’ve added in the past.

We’re exploring this internally in more detail this week, so hope to share more of an update on exactly which new IPOs we’ll be able to add in future.

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Oh yeah, don’t know how I missed it!

Coinbase IPO (Rumour) is missing from the list


@Freetrade_Team Luminar tick should be in Li Auto I believe :grin:

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Fixed, thank you, fiddly formatting!

Coinbase is a good shout, thats happening.

I am skeptical that O2 will IPO - Telefonica have stated they have 5 countries they want to focus on as their prime profit centres, the UK is one of them. Telefonica and Liberty Global are also merging their UK operations (O2 and Virgin Media). In 2-3 years it may be more likely.

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Could you add GreenPower Motor Company to this list please? They files for IPO a few days ago.


Xpeng is live on your app :white_check_mark:


Are the shares of these companies offered before they go public (when they have filed for IPO, but not trading yet) or are these companies already trading in the secondary market? Thank you!

Thank you