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Richard Branson SPAC

VG Acquisition Corp (VGAC) is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) formed for the purpose of effecting a merger, stock exchange, acquisition, reorganization or similar business combination with one or more businesses.

Can it be added in the backlog of SPAC. I would like to get into it before they announce the merger - it’s backed by Virgin Group so hopefully should be a good investment

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Please add

Please can VGAC be added ASAP!

Agreed! Please add this while it is still a low price.

Welcome to the forum!

Everyone, this is on the backlog now. Please bear with us until we add it. We are on it.


Thanks @Viktor. Any ETA you can share?


Please add VGAC :+1:


Yes please, really hoping not to miss the boat on this one


Any news on this Victor? Thank you.

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Any news? Would love this added before merger news

23andMe talks.I like it, market doesn’t so much right now, but who cares what the market thinks. They were probably hoping for something sub-orbital

23andMe investor presentation conference call is interesting, would like this added please.

@piggeh @James101

I’m a HODLer. This is great. A hot genomics play from Silicon Valley.

it’s up by double digits today–what a great :gem: stonk

Could we have VG Acquisition Corp (VGAC) please?

Have we got any news on when this will be available?

23&Me were just acquired by a Virgin Group backed SPAC and would love to see this ($ME) on FT when available.

I believe (could be wrong) that VGAC will automatically turn into 23 & Me (aka ticker ME) after the deal is complete. Thus, Freetrade would just need to add VGAC and it’ll update when it’s all done. That’s already been requested. If you want to help it along, “vote” by filling out the form in the pinned thread and requesting VGAC.


Yes! Appreciate your reply and, I just checked and it appears you’re right!