6 brand new US stocks, 12th March 2021

What about sftw…?

£IFFI :wink::wink:

Thanks for the effort in adding stocks! Is the stock request form still monitored by :freetrade: and the best way to continue to suggest new stocks? It appears a bit quiet these days and buried in the forum unless one specifically searches for it.

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Good job Freetrade team - I stopped recognising these new stocks weeks ago :joy:

Both $XPOA and $SFTW are somewhat low market cap for our US execution partner - but we will talk to them about the possibility.

Do you mean £IFF?

Still the best way.

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Hi Viktor,

IFFI - Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) | iShares UK – BlackRock

Hey @Viktor any update on FTEK & SMH?

How about Ideanomics IDEX? :eyes:

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@Viktor I’ve seen this previously mentioned before by Sam. What sort of marketcap is required by your US partners to get them interested in allowing additions? $1BN+?

If so much of the early gains in some of these start ups are long gone by the time they reach your platform.

Space industry as an example I’d love to invest in Momentous SRAC and Rocket Labs VACQ before they get noticed by the market. I appreciate they are both pre merger and still SPACs at present but by the time it gets on your platform the price has ran up heavily. Same happened with Virgin Galactic it had hit $40 (mid single digit BN valuation) for the first time before it was on Freetrade, although its obviously retreated heavily a few times since.


Virgin galactic was on freetrade when it was in the 20s,?

Why does it matter whether or not its a low market cap stock…? it’s still an anticipated stock that people actually want to invest in. There are hundreds of stocks being added when they have never been requested.

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There was a big hoohaw on here about them not adding it until it had ran up massively. Remember it initially went up to the 40s before a huge pullback. FT missed the lower levels at the time as peoplr were getting frustrated it still hadn’t been added and prices were going up.


agree with other posters - can you clarify this further please @Viktor ?

if this is the case going forward i’ll likely cancel plus and start using a different platform more which i don’t want to do.
the amount of gems missed by FT until they’ve blown up and all the good gains are gone is so frustrating.

if you have to include such lower cap stocks under FT plus to cover any costs, i’d personally be happy with that.


I feel the same way. It’s a shame since I really like FT, but there have been stocks I’ve requested over 3 months ago which have not been considered.

Unfortunately it’s all DriveWealth dependant on the US stocks. Until FT have another route to market for US execution you’re bound by what DriveWealth offer based on their criteria. So, right now for example, SNDL is not available.


You can see above it’s not available on Stake either. That roughly (but not always) denotes it’s not available on DriveWealth.

I think I’ve produced lists before that show what FT could still add based on a differential with the DriveWealth universe. Maybe I’ll do another.

We need AMTE Power onboarded quickly before these cheap prices go! Don’t make the Freetrade clients pay more for this new IPO

AMTE is London listed so different rules apply.

FreeTrade COULD add that if their market maker network supports it (99.9% chance they do) AND if they think there is sufficient demand as LSE stocks come with slightly different operating costs due to the settlement flow and cost of post trade data feeds. Since it would likely be behind the monthly paywall this could be added. But will demonstrate the arbitrary nature of this ‘ask us and vote’ process. Best of luck!

@Viktor hoping talks with the US partner went well?

i’ve cancelled FT plus now and will likely be opening my next ISA with T212 + their incoming SIPP purely because of so many stocks being added to FT way too late after the massive gains are gone, however i would much prefer to stay with FT.

e.g. have listed some key stocks below with prime current positions for massive growth potential - all are on T212 but not FT.

PLEASE can these be added before the new tax year?