⚠️ A few Exchange Traded Products (ETF/ETCs) temporarily disabled in Discover

This has been resolved. It was a separate issue but thanks for the response

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Got few failures and buy didn’t went through for airtel Africa today.

Given that FT team has been aware of this issue for some time, it would be good at least have some notification in app.


Or some further explanation, provided silver is +12% in last 24 hours
@acamp ?


also, could I suggest an improvement. if a stock has to be temporarily disabled, could you keep it live in the app but disable the buy/sell buttons with an explanation as to why?


Morning - we’re looking into this and trying to get it resolved as quickly as possible. If you haven’t done so already, please do send us a message in app and we will keep you updated with the latest.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Appreciate that this is frustrating and we want to get this fixed ASAP.


Great suggestion, thanks! Will make sure we pass this along to engineering/design so that we can look into developing something like this.



I AM LOCKED INTO A POSITION of shares in silver & gold where I am unable to buy or sell more SINCE MONDAY. Specifically ‘Wisdom Tree physical silver’ and ‘Ishares physical gold.’ I have lost £700 since market open this morning where I am unable to sell my position. This is A BREACH OF YOUR REGULATIONS. You cannot lock someone into a position they cant escape from. I demand to speak with your compliance department. You must make a price for me.


Have you tried contacting them through the chat on app?

I have had no replies this morning.

They have replied over the last few days but there is no news of when this is being resolved. Just ‘we will reach out to you’.

I may be going crazy but both of those ETFs look like they’re up today. Unless the charts I’m looking at are wrong

Silver dropped from 22.45 to 21.45 between 07:30 -8:30 GMT this morning. hugely up on open but dropped 5% within 30 mins.

Up or Down, I can imagine the frustration at not having access to you’re own funds, especially if you are wanting to reinvest it elsewhere. :man_facepalming:

I’ve been trying to buy more since Monday open. Silver has increased by over 10% since then. And I’m unable to sell either - that in itself is illegal. I’m completely locked in position with no way out.

I had the same issue with Honeywell. The only way to sell was to sell small amounts at a time. Try that.

I cant sell or buy even a single share. But thanks for your suggestion.

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@harrisongroot not sure if you’ve read this post but it’s a known issue

here’s the post

Thanks Harikeo

Unfortunately with this one, if there is no market to be made Freetrade can not execute the trade. If Freetrade refused to try then that would be a breach of regulations but as long as they are attempting and there is a genuine market failure, which is the case, then Freetrade are not at fault.

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Fun order book on some of these securities this morning.

PHSP, for example, is wildly moving bid/offer intra second but not “that” many trades actually executing.

Interesting point to note is the actual Market Makers sitting on the order book. Most trading PHSP are (shall we say) smaller, lesser Market Makers (might be doing them a disservice, sorry). Either way, these are unlikely to be Market Makers Freetrade have a relationship with and are able to trade with via RSP.

Since FT are unlikely to trade with Flow Traders or Optiver, for example, the most likely candidate is to voice trade with Peel Hunt. They seem to be on the PHSP order book. Whether FT will voice trade for you is debatable. But you could ask.