A lil doc to help you start investing

(Niki Mukhi) #1

Hey guys!

As I spent much of 2017-2018 learning about finance, I realised that once you understand a few basic rules, how simple it can be to start building your financial freedom.

I spent a little time over the new year putting these learnings into a cheeky doc for my family and close friends, and thought it’d be nice to share here for anyone who’d like to have a read.

If you’re finance-y inclined this may all seem trivial, but I wanted to share it for any of us that aren’t, because these little things can save years of hard work (literally)!

I hope you like it and it’s useful for you!
Niki :heart:

The realest reason to take care of your personal finances is to gain the freedom to do more of what you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want.

The goal of this doc is to show you how to get started in 25 minutes.

(James Drake) #2

Will download this when I get home. Seems very useful.

(Stu) #3

Thanks Niki - great document for beginners to understand investing :+1:


There’s only a handful of things that really matter in our lives, including:

Your health
Your work (and passions, for me it’s music)
Your family and friends (optional)
Marriage/making out (optional) :joy:
Parenting (optional)
And last but not least, your personal finances

Hahaha thank you! It was such a concise document. :+1:

(Niki Mukhi) #5

Hey James,
That’s great thanks! I hope you like it and find it useful :slight_smile:

(Niki Mukhi) #6

Hey Stu,
Thanks for checking it out and your kind words :pray::pray:

(Niki Mukhi) #7

Haha thank you for checking it out, I hope it was a useful read :slight_smile:


This is a great resource :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

When I started investing a few years ago, it took so long to find good information and learn the basics that you’ve outlined in here.


Great doc, well done, must have been lots of work writing that! I’ve left a couple of comments in the doc :slight_smile: (and feel free to happily delete them, they’re just ideas)

(Niki Mukhi) #10

Hey Rod,
Massive thank you for your kind words and your notes, saved them for the next version (more feedback the merrier).

(Niki Mukhi) #11

Hey Phil,
Thank you for reading and your kind words :slight_smile:


This is an incredible document thanks for sharing. I’d like to share it with a couple of people at work who could do with learning a bit more about personal finances if that’s OK?

Only thing I’d add is in the diagram demonstrating cash flow for poor middle and rich persons, would be to add real estate onto the assets column for middle as at that point there is a mortgage liability and in most cases (hopefully) real estate should be worth more than to just offset the mortgage?

(Niki Mukhi) #13

Hey @Wulfy,

Thank you for your kind words and your point about where real estate sits in those diagrams (am adding to my notes for the next iteration) :slight_smile:

And absolutely, please feel free to share it with your colleagues, happy for anyone to read it and hope it’s useful for them.


(Carl) #14

This really is a great guide. It pretty much sums up the advice I have found over the past few years from audiobooks and reading various books and blogs.

(Niki Mukhi) #15

Hey Carl, thank you!! :slight_smile:

(Mike Smart) #16

Nice one Niki, a really good read.

(Niki Mukhi) #17

Hey Mike, thanks so much!! :slight_smile: